ViewMaster for iPhone – watch 3D movies on your iPhone

Viewmaster for iPhone watch 3D movies on your  iPhone
Viewmaster style gadget for iPhone that enables you to watch 3D YouTube movies on your iPhone. Simply slot in your iPhone and the movie is viewable through the binocular style designed gadget. No need to buy one of those huge 3D TV’s costing a fortune, just use your iPhone.

  • View 3D Movies on your iPhone 4/4s with this amazing viewer
  • Insert your iPhone 4/4s into this handheld viewer and watch as films come to life and jump out at you!
  • With direct access to your touch screen and all controls
  • Search YouTube with the code provided to find 3D movies to view
  • Great for previewing new 3D film releases and enjoying the magic of 3D!

Enjoy your very own 3D experience through iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 with the 3D Movie Viewer. This amazing hand-held viewer, with aspherical lens, allows you to insert your iPhone and view films in 3D. Watch as your films come to life and literally jump out at you!  Great also for previewing new 3D film releases.

Once your phone is inserted you will have direct access to all controls and thumb holes for touch screen access. Search YouTube for 3D video by using the keyword YT3D and enjoy the magic of 3D.

This fascinating gadget makes you feel like you are part of the film you are viewing, from swimming under water with amazing sea life, to riding the scariest rollercoasters; take your pick from the YouTube 3D videos available and you will be amazed by this 3D adventure!

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