Withings Wifi Body Scale Black

The first personal scale with wireless Internet connection from WiThings. Weight, body fat mass and BMI are automatically saved and can be run via web browser, iPhone, or the ingenious software" Calories 2 "to process and retrieve. Some believe it is exaggerated. But one has done it once, you want nothing more, just ask yourself on the scales, the rest is handled by intelligent technology. Your body values ​ ​ are quietly sent to your account. You dont have to remember anything, write anything and yet you have all the values ​ ​ are always at hand. Find the Withings balance to your balance With the Withings scale and long term, you can check very easily the trend curves over your weight, body fat mass, lean mass and your BMI, and thus keep your body in the long run equilibrium. For the differentiation into fat and lean mass will help to trace the development of the relationship of these masses to each other. So you can determine the causes of weight change clear. fitness and health for the whole family The online balance recognizes up to 8 users. Thus the whole family can pay attention to the fitness. You can track the long-term development of your children immediately, and so pay attention to their health. The Cockpit: A free service for the balance The cockpit acts as an extension of your online balance. It offers over any Internet connection using an Internet browser or through the free iPhone application, a comprehensive, meaningful representation of all measured values ​ ​ for weight and body fat. complete analysis: Calories 2 + WiThings scales In conjunction with the software Calories 2 will not only invite your comfortable weight and body fat data on your Mac, but present this data in relation to your eating habits and activity and personal goals. Seamless continuity It has never been so easy to come to a complete representation of the body... A high-tech, user-friendly body-scale for accurate measurement of weight, fat mass and lean mass that can track up to 8 users Digital display, automatic user recognition, Wi-Fi connection, online dashboards : the first Smart body-scale Integrated with more than 40 e-health & e-fitness services such as Runkeeper Free Withings web and smartphone applications to help you set your goals and track your weight information Fully integrated with the Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. All your tracking (weight, fat, lean mass, blood pressure) is available from the same free mobile application for an easy health monitoring.

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