Withings Smart Baby Monitor


High-resolution video and crystal-clear sound.

Smart Baby Monitor brings you the best technology for optimal child protection. You can move about the room, or zoom in with the wide-angle lens and still get a crisp and clear image.

A high-resolution picture no matter where you are.

A non-deterioration 4X Zoom feature, a crystal-clear sound even in motion. Stay in touch with your child with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. High-resolution video.  Zoom and motion, day or night-time mode.

Move about the room with a crisp and clear image

With the PTZ technology (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), you can virtually move around the baby’s room. Just slide your finger like you would on a web page to get a full view of your child’s safety.  High-resolution digital video with wide-angle for optimal results. The 3 megapixel video sensor gives you an impressive picture quality drawing on the screen resolution on your iPhone. The wide-angle lens allows you to monitor your child at all times without having to move the baby phone to 90° angle.  Non-deterioration 4X Zoom feature to keep an eye on your child’s surroundings at all times. The pinch zoom effect works just like on your iPhone. Combined with Virtual PTZ technology, this feature allows you to zoom in on every detail of your baby’s room and to move around it while maintaining exceptional video quality without deterioration.

With the night mode, monitor your child without waking him.

As soon as the ambient light decreases the night mode automatically switches on. You can check on your child at any time, in dim conditions or at night, thanks to the infrared camera. All of this is made possible from your IPhone and no need to switch on the light.

Listen to your baby in digital quality from your iPhone.

When holding the Smart Baby Monitor in your hands, you may notice two discrete slots; these are the microphones that capture the ambient sound in the room. Whether you are in another room or at the other end the world you will hear a crystal clear sound. You can hear your child and he can hear you too.

Close the app on your IPhone and you can still hear your child…

Smart Baby Monitor is much more than just a baby phone. You can actually hear your child in his surroundings at all times. Just pick up your IPhone and launch the WithBaby app; you can now see and hear baby…when you close the app it is still running in the background allowing you to keep an ear on your child.

Keep alert notifications at hand.

Adapt quickly to all situations to ensure your child's well-being. The alerting thresholds are easily configurable from the app.

4 different alerts.

You can set up automatic alerts to warn you about sleep disruption problems with your child. You can activate a motion detector alert if your child shows extensive fidgeting patterns. You can also be notified of the child’s noises and cries. Factors like temperature and humidity in the child’s room are also monitored. Just chose your alert type according to your requirements.

Choose from: Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable or Bluetooth

The Smart Baby Monitor's connectivity is simple, intuitive and secure. You don't need to worry about configuring your device.


The Smart Baby Monitor allows you to monitor your baby everywhere with an unlimited range and for an unlimited time. For instance, your iPhone can be conneced over Wi-Fi at your place, over 3G in the street or over Wi-Fi at work.

Five awards for a major innovation.

The Smart Baby Monitor received two prestigious Innovations Awards at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2011. In the "Health and Wellness" and "Personal Electronics" categories. In addition, Smart Baby was nominated as a finalist with iLounge at the 2011 CES Best of Show. Read more here. The design was also rewarded. Smart Baby Monitor was awarded two stars from the Observer, a prize awarded by the Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation (APCI). Furthemore, the baby phone has been nominated for the 2012 Deisngpreis in Germany.

Technical Details

  • 3-Megapixel High-resolution video, motion free and intuitive Pan Tilt Zoom, night vision
  • Ability to talk to baby, play lullabies or turn on the multicolor night light
  • Monitor noises, motion, temperature and humidity in baby’s room
  • Enjoy an unlimited range: watch over baby at home, on the road or from work
  • Simple and intuitive connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet cable

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