TeckNet® Dual-Port iEP380 5000mAh 1.5Amp Output Universal USB Battery Pack For iPad & iPhone

Product compatibility:

The TeckNet iEP380 can support most of mobile devices which require 5V 1A(Max) input. If the connector is not included in the list, please use the original USB cable supplied from your mobile device.
  • iPad Compatibility: support all iPad and iPad 2 model
  • iPhone Compatibility: iPhone 2.5, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
  • iPod Compatibility: Support most of iPod music players with the dock connector: iPod Classic(All), iPod Mini, iPod Nano(All models) , iPod Touch(All)
  Box Contains
  • 1 x TeckNet External Battery
  • 1 x USB Charging cable
  • 1 x Manual
  • 7 Mobile Phone Connectors
    • 1) Nokia Small connectors, support new model (N70 N series, E71, E72, 6101 6102 6270 6280 and others
    • 2) Sony Ericsson, support K750, K510, K310, W series, Z series and others
    • 3) Samsung, support G600 A516, A737, M210, SCH series, SGH series, SPH series, BlacjackII, and others
    • 4) Mini USB for most of Motorola, Blackberry / HTC
    • 5) Old Nokia connector, support 8600, 7900, 8800 and others
    • 6)iPod Connector for iPhone, iPad, and others
    • 7) Charging connector
  • 5000mAh Advanced Li Battery Technology, about 50% of iPad battery life, Enjoy 38 hours Movie time for iPhone 4, 3Gs iPhone and 16 hours movie time for 3G iPad
  • Use it to charge your iPad/iPad 2/iPhone/iPods,most Smart phones and mobile phones,MP3,and many more via USB
  • 3 Integrated LED Power status indicator, DC 5V 1.5 Amp output, Can charge two devices at the same time (Only one USB Charging cable included)
  • No AC Charger is included, but TeckNet iEP380 is compatible with original iPhone AC charger or Other 5V 500ma-1A USB Charger
  • Incompatibility: cannot support few devices which are compliant with the USB dumb charger specification, such as Nokia N900, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Blackberry 9900. This problem can be resolved by using a dedicated charge cable with the USB data pins shorted (e.g. USB dumb charger plug adapter)

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