Shoe Pouch for Nike+iPod Sensor – Compatible with Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Train like you mean it!

Map your runs, track your progress and get the motivation you need to keep going. The Nike+ Running app tracks distance, pace, time and calories burnt with GPS, giving you audio feedback as you run. Automatically upload to to see your runs, including your route and elevation.
The Shoe Pouch was designed to allow runners and walkers to use the Nike+iPod Sport Kit®, which is an excellent product in our opinion (NOTE: the Nike+iPod Sport Kit® is sold separately).
This great pouch securely attaches the Nike+ sensor to any make of running shoe, adapting your usual shoe to work with the Nike+ sensor, not only saving you the added and not inconsiderable expense of the actual Nike running shoes but allowing you to get all the great functionality while using the shoe that you like best.
When designing the Shoe Pouch, our primary goal was to ensure a very snug fit. Not only does this minimize the risk of the sensor falling out while exercising, it also allows the sensor to transmit accurate data. Competing products use Velcro® to secure themselves, but a sensor enclosed in such products will tend to bounce up and down when your shoe strikes the ground, and this is what produces inaccurate data. We took a different approach to securing the Shoe Pouch to the outside of your shoe.
You attach it through your shoelaces, not over and under them. We upgraded the loop design to be super strong nylon for extra durability.  We use a stretchable fabric (neoprene) with a slit barely wide enough to enclose the sensor. You will definitely feel some resistance when inserting the sensor. For extra security we added some Velcro® to cover the opening.
  • Designed to hold the Nike+iPod Sport Kit® (sold separately)
  • Secure fit to your shoe laces
  • Made from stretchable neoprene
  • Holds your Nike Sensor securely and safely

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