PowerBee Executive Solar Phone Charger for iPhone

Product Features

  • Solar phone charger for mobile phones, handhelds and PDA's with high quality carry case
  • Includes 10 adaptors, covering nearly every make of handheld and mobile phone including iphone 2, 3, 3gs, and iphone 4
  • Reusable high quality 3500 mAh internal lithium battery will charge your mobile twice over - no batteries required, charging indicator and charge level indicator to show battery level, charge discharge protection as standard
  • Quality stylish compact construction - easily fits in to pocket, guaranteed to hold charge for over 4 months!
  • Luxury leather carry case included also includes USB charging cable (more reliance on this during Autumn / winter) to charge from USB port, 12 months guarantee as standard!

 Technical Details

  • 3500 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • momocrystaline solar panel
  • overcharge discharge protection as standard
  • luxury leather carry case included
The powerpod Executive solar charger™ from Powerbee is compact stylish and powerful, your handheld or mobile phone need not be without charge again. The internal 3500 mAh internal lithium battery is enough to charge your mobile phone for 60 hours. Powerpod also comes with a USB charging cable, and main charging cable plus 10 adaptors to fit almost every handheld that exists. Once charged (24-36 hrs of direct sunlight for full charge) or 8 hours USB charging, the Powerpod's internal lithium battery will hold it's charge for well over 4 months.. giving you the peace of mind to know that power is there when you need it for UK winter months it will be necessary to rely more upon the USB charging cable (provided).
  • Supplied with a USB charging cable, master cable and multi adapter tips.
  • Luxury leather carry case included.

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