myTREK Training Pulse Rate Monitor


myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor / Training Aid The Scosche myTREK will help you make the most of your workout by motivating you guiding your intensity levels and keeping you entertained so you don't mind the workout as much. In'll want the workout to end. Getting and staying in shape requires more than just blindly exercising without direction or guidance. By monitoring your pulse you can ensure you get the most out of your time spent exercising. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to over-training. Also not working hard enough makes it difficult to reach goals and see results. That's where the Scosche myTREK comes in... The Scosche myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor allows you to monitor your heart rate as it rises and falls during activity by reading pulse from your forearm. Scosche myTREK - How it works Scosche myTREK is a Bluetooth-enabled armband and does not require bulky chest straps or wires. It easily attaches to your forearm for full wireless communication with your device. Integrated dual LED/optical sensors produce real-time pulse monitoring letting you assess the intensity of your workout. Scosche myTREK does this by sending light into the skin and assessing how much light gets through and how much gets reflected back to the optical sensor. This indicates the oxygen saturation of the blood and therefore represents the frequency of the blood flow from the heart and lungs. The Scosche myTREK armband takes thousands of readings over several seconds and averages the data. Using proprietary algorithms designed to calculate pulse based on the data collected the Scosche myTREK app displays your average pulse over time with high accuracy. The Scosche myTREK is the first of its kind a pulse monitor that takes continuous readings of your pulse and feeds the data to your smart phone. Before the Scosche myTREK we were dependent on uncomfortable chest straps to collect this type of data or had to stop our exercise to check our pulse by placing our fingers on a w. Scosche myTREK wirelessly connects to your device No bulky chest straps or wires Audio prompts for real-time feedback while you work out Route mapping Bluetooth enabled

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