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These days, many things are accessed or controlled by downloading Applications. So it only seemed that the next logical step was to control toy helicopters via the same technology. Well er possibly -  however remote controlled helicopters controlled by um a remote control (of course) is so last century. Introducing the the Appcopter by Apptoyz. This little indoor flying chopper reaches new dizzying heights of app downloads because now you can control a helicopter using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Thanks to a clever app combined with an infra red bug plugged into the headphone socket, you can control this digital three channel helicopter Fitted with a Gyro for extra stability, the helicopter features a fantastic flight range of 8 metres and has 3 directional control which means it can hover and be flown left, right, up and down. Simply download the Apptoyz App and with the help of the aforementioned bug, you can control the chopper using the on-screen D-pad and manouvre via the unique cockpit graphics. No twiddling of knobs here courtesy of the old fashioned controller. Even tilting the phone will have the copter moving to your heart's desire. What a brilliant executive toy and perfect way to waste office time. What's in the Box? Remote control helicopter with Gyro "Bug" infra red peripherals which attaches to mobile device USB charger cable Features Bug is charged by USB charger cable - no batteries required Appcopter application available to download free from iTunes Sound effects within the app   Remote control App helicopter controlled by Iphone and iPod Touch Three channel helicopter fitted with Gyro for extra stability  Download app and fit infra red bug to mobile device and start flying Chopper is controlled using on-screen cockpit styled graphics Infra-red bug charged by USB cable

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