Luxury iPhone 4/4S Flip Case – Patent Red

The Pipetto Patent Red Flip 4 & 4S case the ultimate in luxury protection for your iPhone.

Made with the finest materials and finished to the highest standards, their products look good and are made to last.
Designed for usability and protection, this designer case has a strong protective interior layer that protects against drops or dings, yet maintains a soft and thin feeling to hold.
A rear snap closure ensures the case is locked in securely, for added protection.
The minimalist interior frame fits precisely around the iPhone and allows for full access to buttons, unobstructed keyboard typing and in-case use of iOS 5 swipe notifications and voice controls.
Lined with a champagne gold and finished with golden snaps and a signature Pipetto plaque, the Pipetto iPhone flip is exceptionally handcrafted and the best in luxurious, designer iPhone cases.

* Please note, this product does not have a rear camera hole, as the thickness of the rear padding could degrade the quality of your photos. The phone is, however, easily removable from the case so you don't waste a second getting a photo.

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