Kitsound Koala Buddy Portable Speaker Compatible with iPod/iPad 2 3/iPhone


Koala Buddy Portable Speaker


Congratulations for choosing the KitSound™ Koala Buddy and welcome to the family. The philosophy is simple, small creature - big noise!
This little creature might be small, but they pack a loud punch. The KitSound™ Koala Buddy can be powered by using the supplied USB cable or by any 3 x AAA batteries (not included).
Plug your Koala Buddy into any chosen device, such as a mobile, tablet, PC or music device using the 3.5mm headphone jack. Select your power source and go wild!
An ideal addition to any home for kids big or small, or a great gift for the music/animal lover.
With volume control and a power indicator light, your Koala Buddy is the perfect companion to your tracks.
Set your KitSound Koala Buddy free from captivity and release the sound.

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