Kit In-Car Charger for Apple iPad 2/3 – Black



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Not your average car charger…
This gun style charger has a massive 2A of charge current, which means it can easily charge your iPad. Simply plug into the 12v or 24v power outlet (otherwise known as the cigarette lighter socket) in your vehicle, whilst the other end of the cord plugs into your iPad/iPad 2.

Four sprung clips ensure that the unit is retained securely in the vehicle socket.

This product removes any concerns you may have of power surges damaging your new device. With the 'intelligent electronics' feature, the electronics inside the unit will automatically react to the battery conditions for optimum charging.

This in-car charger is designed to be as slim as possible, to fit the position of the power outlet in most vehicle types, and with a long curly cable, it is long and flexible enough to let your device rest on a suitable surface whilst charging.

Most devices today do not include an in-car charger in the box and it is worth investing in one. Never get caught short on battery mid-conversation again! An in-car charger also removes the need to remember to fully charge your device before you set off on a long journey.

If you need reassurance regarding this charger's quality, this charger is tested to exceed British quality standards (the CE mark). This charger has an LED light to show when your device is charging and it is suitable for Nicad, NiMh and Li-ion Batteries.

Product Description

This ipad car charger is plugged into the cigarette lighter port for its power supply in your car. When using this car charger, your Apple iPad will be supplied with power as it charges the battery at the same time. You can use your iPad while charging as the charging will not interfere with the functionality of your iPad The in car charger for Ipad gives a fast reliable charge, reacts automatically to battery conditions for optimum charging and with a stretchable cable easy to store and use on the go.

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