iPieces Game of Goose Game for iPad


Product Features

  • A New Generation Of Gaming On The Ipad
  • iPieces combine traditional games and how you play them with the virtual world of gaming Apps
  • Includes A Free Downloadable Game Of Game Of Goose App
  • Contains 6 iiPieces Game of Goose iPieces
  • Suitable for children aged 4+
Jumbo iPieces bring you a new generation of board games whereby you play with real figures or pawns on the iPad. This involves the iPad used as the familiar playing board, with the figures activating special effects on the board. In this way, traditional games such as “Game of the Goose” come to life right before your eyes.
In the games pack you will find the interactive pawns and games accessories, and there is a link to the free app in the Appstore in the instructions. What’s more, all you need is an iPad and a few fellow players. And then let the games commence!
Extra dimension to gaming pleasure
Jumbo iPieces provide an extra dimension to traditional group games. The figures activate astonishing animations and special effects on the iPad, which literally near enough bring the game to life. For example, in the traditional “Game of the Goose”, the geese almost fly out of the game; in the “Fish Game” you can hear the water splashing over the iPad; and the snakes slither over the board when playing “Snakes & Ladders”.
Jumbo iPieces combine the best of two worlds: the charm of playing a game together and the interactive world of the iPad. The games are suitable for all the family, from young to old.
Very first iPad games
On 15 November 2011 Jumbo launched its first four iPad games: Game of the Goose, Snakes & Ladders, Air Hockey and Magnetic Fish Game.
The playing pieces inside the packs are suitable for both the iPad 1 and iPad 2, and can be used in combination with the free corresponding apps in the Appstore. The games will also be available for a number of tablets with Android Software in early 2012.
The games will be sold in both toy shops and through web and multimedia stores. Consumers can purchase the games, consisting of playing pieces in combination with a free app.
iPieces offers you a new way of playing games together on the iPad. The classic game of Game of Goose has been brought to life with iPieces, in a way, never previously seen on iPad. iPieces are able to provide your family and friends with a unique gaming experience, by combining the traditional playing pieces in Game of Goose with the animation and sound effects of the virtual world – iPieces really is able to provide you with a new generation of board game.
Experience how Game of Goose is brought to life with fantastic animations as you move your goose iPiece pieces around the board that is displayed on the iPad screen. If your iPiece lands on certain squares in the game, you will unlock a variety of animations like the jail gates closing down across the screen and even your goose flying across the screen.
iPieces, Game of Goose is suitable for 2 – 6 players and children aged 4+. This game comes with 6 iPieces playing pieces that are in the shape of a goose. Also included with the iPieces Game of Goose is a FREE download of the game app from the App Store. As soon as you download the FREE app, you can start the fun.
iPieces are a new generation of ‘board game’ that have been specially developed to combine traditional board games and the virtual world, to create a new way of playing games together. The specially designed playing iPieces and additional accessories (with selected packs) have been uniquely developed to interact directly with the iPad and the player.
iPieces bring games to life in a three-dimensional way that has not been previously seen on iPads, and when used in combination with the newly developed games from Jumbo, the iPieces will bring the games to life on screen right in front of your eyes with amazing animations and fun sound effects. The iPieces playing pieces are made of a strong and durable abrasion-resistant material.
iPieces do not scratch the screens of iPads when they are used correctly.

Box Contains

6 x iPieces Game of Goose iPieces FREE Downloadable Game App Instructions

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