Feel that tension slip away as you abuse your new ultra-cool toy! Perfect as a stress reliever, or simply as a prank toy phone, this will take pride of place on any desk. It's very close in size to the iPhone so it really does look like the real thing. Colleague nipped to make a brew? Quick! Swap their phone for this one and watch their face when they get back. Or "accidentally" drop it and stand on it (the toy not their real one!) for the ultimate prank. Remember, whatever you do to it, it will retain it's original shape in an instant. Not suitable for children 8 years and under. Squeezy and Stress relieving! Excellent for Pranks too Accidentally drop your friend's/colleagues phone and stand on it! Same size and look as the real thing Please remember this item is not a real phone, it will not make or receive calls.

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