Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control for iPhone/iPad/iPod


The most powerful, easiest-to-use universal remote control... ever.
Powered by Dijit - Your Personal Media Assistant - Beacon uses your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to control everything in your home entertainment system. Without wires. And without networking.

So put away the remotes.
Stop surfing around for something to watch.
Sit back and relax.
It's time to watch better with Beacon™.

Your entertainment system expects a remote control to speak to it via infrared signals. Your iOS device speaks Bluetooth. Beacon acts as a bridge between them.

Imagine being able to control your TV or stereo using your always-handy iPhone. Or your iPod touch. Or your iPad.

Beacon pairs with your iOS device via Bluetooth and works with Dijit's Universal Remote App to put complete control of your home entertainment center in the palm of your hand. There are no bulky cases or dongles, no wires or cables. Control your home entertainment system using the Universal Remote App on your Multi-Touch display.

Setup is quick and easy. The Dijit app uses a library of constantly updated device codes to simplify setup for your TV, set-top box, sound system, media players and more. There's even an integrated learning feature for components not yet included in Dijit's library.

Bluetooth pairing is simple and puts you just a few taps away from using Dijit's intuitive Program Guide and your touchscreen-based device to change channels, volumes, input, set your DVR, and more.

  • Wireless universal audio/video controller for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Low-profile component designed to blend unobtrusively with any decor
  • Use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad as a powerful universal remote control without dongles or cases
  • Connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth and gives you control of your TV, stereo, and other home entertainment components
  • For use with Dijit's Universal Universal remote control Easy to use Easy to pair One control for your TV Hi-Fi BlueRay DVD and so on.. No cables wires or dongles

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