Gear4 Angry Birds Helmet Pig 2.1 Speaker Dock for iPod/iPhone


  • Officially licensed product!
  • 3.5mm driver plug compatible with most music players
Why We Like it
Because now Helmet Pig from your favourite app can listen to your best tunes with you!

The Gear4 Angry Birds Speaker - Green Pig brings your favourite tunes to life! This quirky little green and grey speaker is compatible with most MP3 players and is operated by simple connection to the standard 3.5mm jack. Bass and volume controls as well as a remote allow you to adjust the music to the desired setting so you can enjoy the sound wherever you are. Active speaker with AngryBirds Design Universal iPhone/iPad/iPoddock included AUX input jack forconnecting external audio components like MP3 players, mobile phones, laptops,etc. 2.1 sound system with 30Wpower Remote control supplied

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