Foldable Soft Silicone BLUETOOTH 2.0 WIRELESS KEYBOARD for iPad & iPhone


This keyboard is a newness to the market! It is one of the first bluetooth keyboards with an integrated rechargeable battery having a keypad completly made of sillicone. Bend it, fold it or even spill coffee on the keyboard - nothing will damage your Keyboard for Apple iPad! (Well, but wiping your coffee from this keyboard could be recommendable anyway - your clothes won't love the coffee..)
  • wiping at any time
  • hygienic cleaning
  • safe from dust (even in a sandstorm)
  • water-repellent and mold-resistant
  • fits in every pocket
  • Bluetooth 2.0 Keyboard
  • User Manual
Product characteristics:
  1. Made for iPad, iPhones (all version) and mobile phones with bluetooth. Automatic energy saving mode for maximum battery runtime.
  2. Pleasant and ergonomic design. 10m operating distance. Made of silicone, environmentally protective and ideal for resistance against drink or food spillage at home or at work .
  3.  Moisture prevention: waterproof, ideal for use in adverse, humid or even low-level water conditions.
  4. Compact size: the ability to roll up the keyboard makes it one of the most space-saving computer peripherals on the market today.
  5. Keyboard: the colourfast printed letters won`t come off even after long period of time, no noise while typing.
  6. With excellent softness, harmless to human body.
  7. Portable with the proper size to fold or roll.
  8. Resistant to the water or dust.
  9. Round shape design, easy to work on.
  10. High durability: one million life cycles of keys.
  • Keys layout:87 QWERTY Keys (UK ¬£ layout)
  • Material: Medical Silicone material,power saving, waterproofing,dustproofing,and easytaking
  • Connection:Bluetooth 1.1 and 2.0 wireless
  • Compatibility: Supporting PC, MAC, Mobilephones,iPad, iPhones O/S (PC): Windows/XP/Vista/7/ MAC OS 10.4 or later O/S (Mobile phone): Android 3.0, SymbanS60/V3/WindowsMlbileV6.0
  • Size: 35.5Lx10Wx0.5D mm

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