Displex Touch Screen Phone Polish & Fine Scratch Remover For iphone HTC Blackberry Samsung Sony Ericsson

On devices with a touch screen the intensive use and permanent finger contact result in the very rapid accumulation of dust, dirt, skin grease and germs on the display..... DISPLEX Touchscreen Polish not only allays fine scratches, but also quickly and effectively eliminates dust, dirt and fingerprints from all displays. In addition, the display becomes a high quality, antistatic seal that contributes to the protection against future contamination and reduces the exposure to grease Provides a long lasting protective seal.... Cleans and cares.... Allays fine scratches.... Reduces and cleans fingerprints.... Protects from dust and dirt.... Anitstatic coating.... Keeps your valuable phone looking like new.... Will provide the same results on your screen protector if one is fitted.... Can also be used on sat navs and digital cameras.... Includes 5g tube and one microfibre cloth.... Quality product made in Germany.... Provides a long lasting protective seal Allays fine scratches Protects from dust and dirt Provides an anitstatic coating Keeps your valuable phone looking like new

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