Bullguard Mobile AntiVirus Software for Android, OS, Windows and Blackberry Operating Systems

A smartphone without proper protection puts you at risk. Having
information at your fingertips every day and running errands online more
easily any time you want are certainly huge benefits of owning a
smartphone. Whether you use it to find time-fillers on the internet -
engaging apps, funny videos or even socializing on Facebook or Twitter -
or save time and energy by shopping and banking online, there's always a
door open to malware and hackers. They could steal your personal data
(passwords, credit card details etc.) and use it to their benefit for
example, they could set your phone to make calls or send thousands of
messages, racking up your bills.

If you have kids, then like most parents you probably worry about their
safety. Without supervision, they are more exposed to inappropriate
videos, photos and even chats with ill-intended strangers via

The fancier phones get, the bigger the temptation to steal them. In
other words, the precious information you carry around in your pocket is
increasingly vulnerable to being misused by strangers.

Luckily, to prevent identity theft, losing important data, and your kids
from being drawn to internet attractive nuisances, there's Mobile

Why choose Bullguard?

Whether you use Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile, with
Bullguard Mobile Security you get:

- An online account to remotely access your smartphone

- A Mobile Security Manager to locate (via GPS), lock/unlock, wipe your
phone, and edit the Parental Contro Protect your phone from viruses and yourself from ID theft Remotely lock and wipe your phone and back up your contacts Monitor your childs activity on their phone Track your phone via GPS location Protect your personal details from hackers with the firewall feature

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