AZATOM House Dance Black: iPod – iPhone – iPod Touch docking station speaker.


Welcome to the amazing House Dance max docking station, this is the one of the latest to be released in its range.
It has been upgraded to 24 watts with new digital amplifiers to take the sound quality to a higher standard even at maximum volumes.
The improved stereo effect gives a better impression of three dimensional sounds so taking the standard of audio to greater levels.
You will be amazed at the music quality that is achievable by this speaker system which was developed in the UK.
It's an extremely portable speaker system that will suite any location throughout a home such as beside cabinet, lounge or kitchen area. This unique design is made with high grade materiels based with aluminum which is coated with a toughened scratch resistant metalic black finish.
In addition it features a supplied remote control that offers full menu functions to use on all models of iPhones, iPods & iPod Touches. There is also a mains DC charger included.

Technical Details

  • Charges all iPhones - ipods - ipod touches whilst docked.
  • 24 watts of quality audio giving the impression of 3 Dimensional sound.
  • Remote Control with full iPhone, iPod & iPod Touch menu control
  • Compatible with iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4s, iPod nano 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th generations
  • Toughened scratch resistant metalic black finish.

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