Adjustable Skadoosh stand for the iPad and iPad 2

Fully Adjustable Aluminum Stand for the iPad and iPad 2

What's your favorite angle? 45 degrees? 70? Whatever keeps the glare off the screen? Well, adjusting the Skadoosh stand to nearly a dozen angles couldn't be easier. Hold down the button, tilt your Apple iPad where you want it, and let go. The released button locks it in place. With the Skadoosh stand you can use the touch screen abilities of the Apple iPad with peace of mind: that thing isn't going anywhere. The low pivot point of the rocker let's you adjust your iPad back and type that email with the ease and comfort of using a desktop keyboard.

Low Profile Stand for the iPad

Rest your hard working hands while typing on the iPad and be confident that the Skadoosh aluminum stand will hold the iPad solid. The iPad sits so low in the Skadoosh stand that it is almost like you're typing on your laptop keyboard, except you're actually typing on the "magical" iPad. You know what they say, "the low rider is a little higher". High on the list of great stands for the iPad.

Stand your iPad and Keep it Plugged In

Another feature that makes the Skadoosh the best stands for the iPad: there's a slot in the rocker and the base of the stand. Why? It's the perfect size for the Apple connector! Clearly, someone was using their head. Your Apple iPad stays plugged in while it sits happily in the iPad stand.

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