Retro Style for the iPhone and iPad

iPhone Retro Cover only 85p!

retro iPhone cover

We have all seen the retro style covers for the iPhone that look like old Nintendo Gameboy’s or old cassette tapes and I really must admit I like them, but the love of the retro style has developed further, now you can get all sorts of iPhone docks looking like old telephones and the very latest item that I have spotted is the cool new cover for the iPad which gives it the look of an old Apple Mac.

This cover transports you right back to the mid 80′s, yes sadly I am old enough to remember it. Styled on the iconic original Apple Mac 128K it makes a great accessory for the Apple lover. The Padintosh also protects your iPad from bumps and scratches and is compatible with all iPad Smart Covers.

The Padintosh retro iPad cover

The Padintosh retro iPad cover

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