Lapka the iPhone becomes your environmental monitor

lapka environmental monitor for the iPhoneThe flow of cool gadgets that come out for the iPhone never seems to pause, things that I would never of considered possible are being created daily to bring even more functionality to the iPhone and another dimension to our humble existence.

Lapka is one of these products, not only is it a thing of beauty, like a minimalist installation piece. It is a personal environmental monitor, a what? I hear you say, let me explain.  This great accessory to your iPhone will monitor your personal environment for a few of the nasties that we are well advised to stay clear of, like radiation, EMF (electromagnetic fields) these are thought to create a detrimental effect on our health in the long term with worrying data on brain tumours and such. It has a stainless steel probe which tests our food and drink for nitrates, how organic is that apple really? It even test our environment for humidity, and dispalys all the results beautifully on your iPhone.

I would normally snort in derision, with a why would you want that, but I must admit I like this, I know it would feed my inner neurotic and I would become even more difficult company, wanting to test everything, and I would. But I would like it, it would be a really cool toy for me personally.

If you would like more details on the Lapka then have a look at the elegant website


Lapka a personal environmental monitor for the iPhone

Lapka a personal environmental monitor for the iPhone

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